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If you’ve got here you’ll be wondering who I am and what my story is!
My name is Camelia and I call myself a story-teller, in Sicilian a “Cuntastori”. I absolutely love Pirandello, Nietzsche, Mount Etna, Vogue and Arancini… I’m convinced that each of us has an amazing story just waiting to be told… sometimes we tell it silently to ourselves… sometimes we tell it to others… and sometimes we look for a writer to tell it for us…

“ The drama is in us; and we are impatient to perform it, just as the passion inside us urges”

I have created this diary with the mission to give a voice to and tell all the stories which inspire and enrich my world with beauty and yours too I hope!I believe in the power of culture, education and in Chanel’s double C.
I’m deeply attracted by beauty and elegance, qualities that I cultivate and look for constantly in all that surrounds me and I find people who express great humanity staggeringly beautiful.

The stories I tell you here are set in one of the most suggestive locations in the Mediterranean, a magic place wrapped in lights and inebriating shadows. These stories unfold and find their reason for being thanks to the fact that they happened there, in that place, land of opposites, mother of paradox: Sicily. So I call them “ Sicilian Novellas, told not in Sicilian, but in the language with which I communicate best: Fashion.

I was born and currently work in Sicily even if half of my family live in Florence, where I moved to be able to go to study in fashion designing. I grew up among fabrics, scissors and patterns, always breathing fashion, and in between a fairy tale and a cartoon, I spent my childhood raptly leafing through the glossy pages of Vogue, of which I boast a collection that is the envy of even the most avid collector. My Mum had a small high fashion dressmaker’s and her customers were the most beautiful and cultured women in town. That place was the most important school of style I could ever have attended and it was there that I learnt to communicate through a garment. After a period cutting my teeth as a Fashion Designer, I realized that what I really wanted to do was to write and photograph fashion. So, back in Sicily, I decided to enroll in a course in Philosophy and Human Sciences, where I am now in my third year, hoping, to be able to write a sensational dissertation, obviously on Aesthetics…. In July 2013 I wrote my first article and that was the beginning of my adventure with MisSicily. In January 2014 I had the chance to interview the young fashion designer Fausto Puglisi and the article “Amazing Fausto” was published in an important online newspaper achieving such unexpected success as to become one of the most read stories in the paper. This convinced me to get serious and so MisSicily became my personal online magazine where I focalize my passions and skills.

In my blog I will show you the new possible face of Sicily, or rather that of an elegant, seductive Miss, totally overturning the points of view about her, without highlighting what is wrong there, as so many have already done. I believe there is a different way to talk about her without mentioning the Mafia, decay, ignorance and poverty…
I’ll tell you about Sicily looking at her from the same perspective with which fashion creates its dialectics and its architecture.
I’ll tell you about a young, very fashionable Sicily, which talks about being contemporary, of possibilities and which fills the heart with hope and blue…


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