H&M, il marchio svedese celebre in tutto il mondo e sinonimo di “moda e qualità al miglior prezzo in maniera sostenibile”, arriva nel centro di Catania. “La storia di H&M in Sicilia è iniziata nel maggio 2009 con l’apertura del loro primo store a Catania nel Centro Commerciale Katanè.seguito dall’inaugurazione dei due nuovi negozi a Palermo in via R[...]

Sicilian Love And Other Stories

Catania School of Fine Arts, transforming an old farm into a hotbed of ideas and cultural synergies where past, present and future are interwoven to tell a new Sicilian love story. Balarte is the fruit of the collaboration between an enlightened ownership, the designer of the hotel, architect Sergio Adamo and the young architects from the Academy and the cre[...]

To Be Sicilian

CENTO SICILIE Gesualdo Bufalino "According to the atlases Sicily is an island and it may be true, atlases are honourable books. But you want to doubt it, when you think that the concept of an island usually corresponds to a solid clump of races and customs, while here everything is odd, mixed up, changing, as in the most hybrid continent. It's true that th[...]