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Exceptional container of the eclecticism of the most fascinating and controversial island in the Mediterranean. Theatrical city rich in history, indomitable, explosive, rebel, only thoroughbred heir of her majesty the queen mother Mount Etna. For this legacy you could put together the most sophisticated anthropological theories of its inhabitants. Thanks to [...]


Un luogo mistico, incredibile! Al centro dello Stretto, tra delfini, ancore, antiche mura e monumenti di archeologia industriale... Ecco un posto unico al mondo che emoziona e lascia senza parole: LA FALCE DI MESSINA A mystical place, amazing! At the center of Messina Strait, including dolphins, anchors, ancient walls and monuments of industrial archeology [...]

EYE TO EYE #obsessed

A post-industrial landscape with a waste container at the center of the scene, the gorgeous Porta Grazia, rare and precious example of Sicilian Baroque in Messina and the Kenzo magic eye are the protagonists of these pictures taken on a sunny Sunday spent among "shopping and shooting" with my dear and crazy friends Mr. Ernesto and Robbie thefabulousnobody.n[...]