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Gucci The Lion

"...However, when a lion roars all the other beasts are silenced, and a dog is terrified by a tiger’s shadow. When the sun rises in the eastern sky, the light of all the stars fades completely..." "...Tuttavia, quando il leone ruggisce tutti gli altri animali tacciono, e un cane è spaventato dall'ombra di una tigre. Quando il sole si leva ad oriente, la[...]

Autumn Romance

“I think this symbol means that whoever has a passion or a dream can make it come true. You have to go and look for it, not all of us have the good luck to make it in our home town.” Here's another Sicilian name destined to belong to the Made in Italy Olympus who I’ve been a fan of for a few years. He's from Donnalucata, a small village in the south of Si[...]

Simple Monday

Dedicated to Emilia… One of the most important people in my life: “With my feet in the sand, even just for a few minutes, I rejoined that part of myself which I had put to rest, not to die of nostalgia... And I found it without distress....With my feet in the sand, I looked back at my hard going journey of those days, all uphill, with no discounts... And w[...]