Autumn Romance

“I think this symbol means that whoever has a passion or a dream can make it come true. You have to go and look for it, not all of us have t...

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"A smile is not a sign of happiness but the cause of happiness." I hope you always find a reason to smile. You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile. I have many problems in life. But my lips don’t know that. They always smile. Smile. Why? Because you can. There are hundreds of languages around the world, but a smile speaks them all. A smile is [...]


What can I say about this outfit!… I just thought that a nice dish of pasta served on splendid Sicilian majolica is tastier... Because, as an old proverb says, “appearance is important too”.... And these are Italian theories, and that's it! ........... Che dire di quest'outfit!... Semplicemente, ho pensato che un bel piatto di pasta servito su delle splend[...]