Autumn Romance

“I think this symbol means that whoever has a passion or a dream can make it come true. You have to go and look for it, not all of us have t...

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Simple Monday

Dedicated to Emilia… One of the most important people in my life: “With my feet in the sand, even just for a few minutes, I rejoined that part of myself which I had put to rest, not to die of nostalgia... And I found it without distress....With my feet in the sand, I looked back at my hard going journey of those days, all uphill, with no discounts... And w[...]


 KENZO MAGIC EYE It 's my best friend! I LOVE this watchful magnetic, eye... Friend of many adventures ... witness of magical moments but also dark days ... he cried ... he smiled ... has seen the good and the bad ... also what he never wanted to see ... and went with me to look beyond and ahead ... Created by the visionary mind of the two designers Humbe[...]


Behind the scenes of my interview with Fausto Puglisi   Pisa, 4:00 p.m., Saturday 21st December. For several hours now I have been walking around the rooms of Palazzo BLU, where an incredible Andy Warhol exhibition is being held, in a state of utter amazement.
 The powerful chromatic narrative in his work moves me deeply, it seems like an appropriate[...]

Rowing Against

 REMARE CONTRO IN UNA MATTINA DI FINE ESTATE REMARE CONTRO PER TONIFICARE IL CUORE REMARE CONTRO PER APRIRE NUOVE STRADE REMARE CONTRO E NON ARRENDERSI MAI REMARE CONTRO by DesX TEATRO PINELLI OCCUPATO, MESSINA DesX  è un artista affascinante per conoscerlo meglio visitate il sito lucaxworkshow e la pagina facebook  ... non c'è nessun disegno o imm[...]