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But is love… True love… Forever? To be on the safe side I celebrate San Valentine's Day in the “Eternal City” and in an excess of philosophical zeal, I enjoy my love week-end together with Him … and Her: Kenzo's pragmatic bag. ......... Ma l' amore... Quello vero... È per sempre? Nel dubbio io festeggio San Valentino nella "Città Eterna" e per eccesso di f[...]


 ... Rather we have to ask what such an art as art carries with it, and how art is a time overrun ... Hans Georg Gadamer Messina , Alessio Valore street- a short walk from the center, the greyness of a desolate alley, home to relics of anonymous industrial archeology and nocturnal perimeter populated by prostitutes and ghosts, is ripped apart by a huge bru[...]

EYE TO EYE #obsessed

A post-industrial landscape with a waste container at the center of the scene, the gorgeous Porta Grazia, rare and precious example of Sicilian Baroque in Messina and the Kenzo magic eye are the protagonists of these pictures taken on a sunny Sunday spent among "shopping and shooting" with my dear and crazy friends Mr. Ernesto and Robbie thefabulousnobody.n[...]