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KENZO MAGIC EYE It 's my best friend! I LOVE this watchful eye, magnetic ... Friend of many adventures ... witness of magical moments but also dark ... he cried ... he smiled ... has seen the good and the bad ... also what he never wanted to see ... and went with me to look beyond and ahead ... Created by the visionary mind of the two designers Humberto[...]

#PFW- Carrousel De Paris -Let's Have A Go On Great Carousel Of Fashion! Part 2

SPECIAL FEELING I met Fil Xiaobai in the  subway. Her outfit was amazing, she looked like  she came from another planet.The communication between us was not easy! She spoke a Chinese English, i spoke a Sicilian English... But we understood ourselves at once... We spoke the language of the heart… After a few days, we met outside Valentino's show. I was behin[...]