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Gucci The Lion

"...However, when a lion roars all the other beasts are silenced, and a dog is terrified by a tiger’s shadow. When the sun rises in the eastern sky, the light of all the stars fades completely..." "...Tuttavia, quando il leone ruggisce tutti gli altri animali tacciono, e un cane è spaventato dall'ombra di una tigre. Quando il sole si leva ad oriente, la[...]


In the previous post I introduced a brand new Sicilian luxury street wear Label which I'd like to tell you some more about. A first preview of a not yet marketed label, which has all the qualities for success with the most demanding fashion lovers. The clothes in the collection, all made with organic cotton, are obviously inspired by Sicilian culture, and th[...]


"TIME PASSES SOMETIMES YOU RACE INTO MY MIND AND LEAVE ME HELPLESS, SOMETIMES I CANT BREATHE" "LOVE AGAIN...YOUR VOICE FILLS MY HEAD" I discovered Patrick Church last June during the London Collection Men. A really cute boy called Nicholas was wandering round the stands at Hospital House wearing a black leather biker jacket covered with verses, thoug[...]