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Postcards From Caltagirone

Caltagirone's Highlands left me behind, I head to the enchanted village that overlooks the valley. The sun had first colored hills and valleys, gives way to a gray blanket of clouds and suddenly wraps Caltagirone in a gloomy atmosphere. So, the San Francesco bridge becomes romantic poetry singing me stories of yearning and impossible love ... The churches, t[...]

Caltagirone Shoes

From Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2014 collection a unique and valuable ambassador of the historic ceramics of Caltagirone, not just a pair of shoes but a masterpiece where fashion, art, culture and tradition meet. The wedge heel, made of a mixture of resin and then painted according to the method used by Sicilians ceramists, seems incredibly ceramic! H[...]


"All human sins are forgiven in a beautiful spring morning. This day is a truce to vice. While this sun is offered to cauterize the wounds of sin also the vilest sinner may return innocent. " Henry David Thoreau. "In una bella mattina di primavera, tutti i peccati umani sono perdonati. Un tal giorno è tregua per il vizio. Mentre questo sole si offre per ca[...]