My Interview For Fausto Puglisi

AMAZING FAUSTO! An inspired and intense portrait of the talented young Messina- born designer Fausto Puglisi, set to make fashion history. 
“We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously! As designers we are here to make rags, it’s the people out there saving lives who are the real heroes. We create beauty, our job is to allow you to dream".
 Messina, 11 o[...]

Paris Fashion Week Street Style #FashionForDreamers

 PALAIS DE TOKYO - FASHION FOR COSMOPOLITAN DREAMERS I love Paris, coming back to Paris is always so exciting!My first journey to the Ville Lumière was by car: Messina-Paris, 2100 km., an unforgettable, absurd folly, such a long trip! Late at night, when the glittering top of the Tower Eiffel appeared, I was overwhelmed by a whirl of emotions. To the tune o[...]