#PFW-Pont Alexandre III

I love mixing styles and cultures, and the result is always amazing! But what is the secret to getting the right balance between different element? See the beauty that lives in all things. Pulling it out and assembling it in a wise, you create that special harmony which in turn generates an additional beauty. Put together two or more different concepts is to[...]

Paris Fashion Week Street Style #FashionForDreamers

 PALAIS DE TOKYO - FASHION FOR COSMOPOLITAN DREAMERS I love Paris, coming back to Paris is always so exciting!My first journey to the Ville Lumière was by car: Messina-Paris, 2100 km., an unforgettable, absurd folly, such a long trip! Late at night, when the glittering top of the Tower Eiffel appeared, I was overwhelmed by a whirl of emotions. To the tune o[...]

#PFW - Paris Diary - La Vie en Rose !

So begins the story of my adventure in Paris, in a couple of hours I left Vodafone’s red and  was overwhelmed by the many shades of the colour symbol of the  most romantic, chic and pink city in the world ... PINK like a Macaron... PINK like a Dior’s dress... Pink as …. La vie en rose !!! Comincia così il racconto della mia avventura a Parigi [...]